Apostrophy Designs: Christmas Time [Revisited]

Christmas Time [Revisited]


We had a really good Christmas and are blessed to have both of our family's close enough to do not only one Christmas Eve party, but two! We spent the earlier part of the day with my family [the Denning's] and then the latter with Adam's [the Andersen/Felt/Clark Families].

It was fun to meet and hold little Luka & see those we don't get to see often! We also missed those we didn't get to see, the Creer's & Becca, please come and visit soon!!!


Adrienne said...

your romantic portrait turned out so lovely! and you can barely tell how huge my belly is in these photos-thanks! :)

Adrienne said...

oh no...i just realized that bella looks like she's trying to sniff you...so soddy!!! one day she will cooperate.

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