Apostrophy Designs: "Dunk It For My Unborn Child..."

"Dunk It For My Unborn Child..."

...Is what Don yelled right after half-time when LeBron was ALL ALONE on the bench.

It is also what my shirt SHOULD'VE said.

I TOTALLY chickened out. Honestly, if I could do it all over again, I'm sure I would chicken out again and again and AGAIN.

Due to our proximity to the Cavs bench (there was only one row of chairs between us & them) I kept picturing things to play out like this:

I would've worn so-said shirt and eye contact would have been established at some point. Then LeBron would have given me a look like YOU ARE WEIRD and then I would've been like I AM THE WEIRDEST and this isn't really your BABY, but it was just kinda funny late at night when I had the sleepy sillies [which happens every night and even earlier on nights when I talk on the phone with my Sister Sals and also causes Don to go into a fit of constant eye-rolling]. That's another story all on its own.

Anywho, LeBron wouldn't have understood me because he was in the middle of a GAME and then there was no way I could entirely explain myself and things would just continue to be awkward between us throughout the rest of the game.

So it's probably for the best.

Either way, the game was AWESOME! The Jazz may have lost, but I found myself cheering for both teams, it was a WIN-WIN situation.

What can I say? I'm a FAIR-WEATHER fan.

P.S. Kyle Korver is my soulmate.

If I would've worn a shirt that said KYLE'S BABY...eye contact would've been established and he would just laugh because HE GETS ME.

We're both cool like that.

...that's what I should've done.

[All photos were taken with my camera, neat huh?
Also, BIG THANKS to Nan & Scott for such a GREAT time!]


Anonymous said...

I learned over the years that Don doesn't have much patience for the sillies...

You guys looked real good on TV.

Amy said...

ah Tor. you are so funny!!!

glad you had fun and glad you avoided awkwardness with LeBron even though I do really really really think it would have been very very very FUNNY!!!!!!!!

I love the sleepy sillies.

Anonymous said...

WHaaaat? I covet your lifestyle. And Kyle Korver not so much Lebron:) How in the world were you so close? That is so unfair, I want to hear bad language and get hit with sweat!! I'm glad you had fun but we missed you on TV... love ya Tami

Adrienne Hansen said...

You were on TV? So jealous!

Also...Don really yelled that? Really, for real? He's so weird. Haha. But I love it. I hope he yelled it.

Why don't you call me with the sleepy sillies? I want to hear them. :)

momma said...

i'm glad you had fun!

jill d said...

i'm just mad i didn't know you were there until after the fact. ugh, we were there too! you could have seen sweet baby crew.

you are so dang funny it kills me! i really wish you would have worn that shirt, it would have been hilarious.

can't wait to see you!

Stacy said...

Dee, I'm so grateful (now) for the wonderful world of blogging that lets me so easily enter your world! You are so hilarious! Honestly, if somebody were to ask me what you were like before blogging world, I would've said that you were really beautiful or smart or nice...but now I'd have to say HILARIOUS as one of the #1s. You're so funny! Even Tanner was laughing!

Shels said...

your so funny! I told Cody about it and he thinks that's the best idea EVER! :)

Anonymous said...

tojo i truely love you and i love when we get the sleepy sillies and adam rolls his eyes at us! i am so glad we can forever have those memories! i love to read your blog you always give me a good chuckle when i read your blog! you guys looked fab on tv but i really wish you would've followed through with the t-shirt!love ya sals (sleepy sillies buddy)

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