Apostrophy Designs: I Like it A Lot!

I Like it A Lot!

My niece Brookie B (one of two Brooklyn's in the family) has the most luscious, long hair.

One day many years ago I attempted to braid her hair, and have been doing braids on her ever since.

Its kinda become our thing, whenever we are together a braid just happens.

Like the other day we were at the park and she sat in front of me and away my hands went. (Top picture)

I am not a braid-ing expert but I do have some fun tips and possible tutorials to share...

Only if she'll sit long enough for me to take photos!

I only dream of the day when Berg's hair is long enough to braid....hmm...


Unknown said...

Love it- I love doing fun stuff with Savannah's hair too. Kelly wanted me to check in with you to make sure you got her email about the boutique- she said her emails tend to go in people's spam a lot. She loves your stuff- as do we all!

Delia said...

Pretty braids! I used to love having my hair braided. :)

Shels said...

LOVE IT! and you are quite the braiding pro.

kaitie said...

that is some serious skills, i cant get emma to hold still long enough for some practice time.

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