Apostrophy Designs: Tutorial Tuesday: Bandit Bib

Tutorial Tuesday: Bandit Bib

I helped whip up some of these cute Bandit Bibs for Enrichment or our Relief Society Meeting last month and I absolutely loved making them!

(I got the idea of them from my old partner in crime, Paige, before they moved out of our ward...sigh.)

Not only are they perfect for the little bandit in your life, but I made a dozen in about an hour, so they are definitely a project that can be completed during nap time!

 You can find bandana's at any dollar store or as luck would have it we scored big because they were half of at Hobby Lobby...remember to grab a wash cloth too, I used a smaller one.

 I wish I would've ironed the bandana, would've made for a straight line but in the end straightness doesn't matter, so iron, don't iron it's up to you!

If you don't have a serger you can do a folded hem or simple zig zag in place of serging

 I should note that any of the sewing for this I did with a zig zag, width: 3 length: 2 1/2 but I would do whatever stitch you feel comfortable with.

 I did my sewing 1/4 inch and zig zagged again, I think this will help when washing because washcloths have a bit of a stretch to them.

When your done, clip your threads and place finished product on your closest bandit!

Aren't they fun?

I should mention I feel a tad bit sheepish, this was also posted by another crafty lady from my ward...Delia...she has a craft blog that is amazing! I am dying to check out her tutorial on canvas'!


Delia said...

Umm...yours is way better! :) I love the creative name Bandit bib!

We should all praise Paige who first started this trend too. Love that girl.

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