Apostrophy Designs: Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend we decided it was time (with weather cooperation *fingers crossed* dang UTAH WEATHER SO FAR) to get out the bike trailer.

Bergs was not really sure what to think about the experience...at first...

But it did not take to long for her to sit back and kick her feet up.
(She even learned how to work the little bike bell on the inside!)

We live a few blocks, downhill, from the cemetery and we always try ride our bikes up there during the weekend to deliver our flowers and just enjoy the beauty of the cemetery...

There were so many people there delivering, watering, and caring for flowers left at the graves...
I can't help but think of all who have lived before us, and the great people they are!

I can't wait to share some of their stories with Bergs as she gets older...

We had a really good weekend, how about you?


Delia said...

Cool bike trailer! Glad you had a good memorial day.

Miss Anne said...

love the trailer!
your daughter is so lovely!
she's grown up so much!


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