Apostrophy Designs: Under Construction...

Under Construction...

I am trying to fuse the two things I love together...my family and crafting and in the process I will be combining both of my blogs, let's face it sometimes one blog is enough!

So in the meantime bear with me as I update and swap around my blog...

Until I have======== s=omethi=ng more concret ==o sh=ow yo=u (+thanks for the help bergs=}!+)}

I will leave you with some things I am totally digging right now:

This diaper bag in PURPLE from the JJ Cole SALE

All kinds of cute stuff for SALE at the HIVE Boutique...Remember?
If you are around tomorrow during the day I would definitely head over for loads of cute spring stuff!

I have some of those big flowers coming my way! Hooray!


Delia said...

That diaper bag looks awesome!

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