Apostrophy Designs: Hey, Soul Sista

Hey, Soul Sista

We had a good weekend...

Bugs finally realized there's a new guy in town, and didn't mind his company one bit!

 However, she didn't like the hugs from Haiden (which is something new too!)

 She loves to "CHEESE" for the camera, and truth be told I could take bazillion pictures of her!

Got to babysit this guy and he fell asleep on my chest...it was really sweet!

As usually weekends go by way to fast, back to the grind!

Stay tuned for Tuesday where I have a fun tutorial for you....


Delia said...

Yay for a tutorial!

That baby looks like he has a funny shirt on. What does the whole thing say?

Tori said...

It said something about Pooping...it's what I do...? It was from Las Vegas, baby humor! :)

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