Apostrophy Designs: Summer [Things I'm] Lovin'

Summer [Things I'm] Lovin'


I have attended quite a few baseball games, among other things and had some fun times babysitting. The top picture is my nephew Brack's baseball team, I also went to a few games for my other nephew Landon, both boys are great baseball players and have had their fair share of homeruns this summer!

The next two pictures are of my adventure to Mickey-Donalds Play-Place on a Friday Night, you can only imagine how awesome of people, were there...my sister had taken time to make sure her kids had socks, but there were kids running around without clothes on...let alone socks! Oh Geez...at least we all ended up with Ice Cream!!

P.S. Don't you just love the 'Bryton' face? He was even saying 'Cheeeese' as I took the picture! He's the one who kept asking me the whole way to McDonald's if we were going to
Mickey Donalds.


Trachel said...

Those pcctures are so cute Tor! that looked like a fun adventure off to mickey donalds we should definatly go with you if you go again Troy loves that place also! Mickey donalds is a favorite for him. Im looking forward to american idol and hanging with you guys! see ya soon:)

Jordan & Katrina Hansen said...

I love nieces and nephews! Sorry about giving you a hard time about the word "yet" in your comment the other day. I hate it when people do that to me, but I couldn't resist!

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