Apostrophy Designs: Pimp Your Blogspot [Part II]

Pimp Your Blogspot [Part II]

Remember where we left off...With our Magical Width Numbers, Neil Diamond and creating our TEST PICTURES?


Well if you are up to speed, I will show you the final steps to put your newly scrapped pictures into action! The first thing you will need to do, if not done so already, is upload your test picture into Photobucket.

Once there, copy the HTML code [also can be done by clicking directly on 'HTML Code'].


Then paste code into body of your blogspot post & click Edit Html in the Upper Right Corner of your post...


Then click Compose in the Upper Right corner of your post...


and then...


Now publish your post and Wowzas! A totally Pimped out Blogspot Post...


P.S. A BIG PLUS of doing your pictures with a transparent background is you can change the color of your blog background and your pictures will not be affected...so much fun!


**If you've made it this far and done your own...leave a comment I'd love to see your Pimped Out Posts!!


Leslie said...

OK I understand that post! I just need to work on the first pimp your blog... Then I will be on my way to posts worthy of Neil Diamond.

i'm kelly said...

loving all the help your dish'n out. your a blogging pro. reading all this makes me realize how little i know. i just upload and publish. basic.

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