Apostrophy Designs: G-G-Giveaway!


One of my favorite blogs, Ponytail Challenge, is hosting a giveaway this week and giving away one of my Apostrophy Design Necklaces as part of her Weekly Challenge...Straighten Up!!


The great thing about Camille is she is always trying to find ways to challenge herself and her readers, and she's fun too! [She also helped me get 3 columns on my blog...best thing ever~]

So What is Ponytail Challenge you ask?

"It all began the day I realized that my hair went in to a ponytail every single day- not because it was cute, but because it was easy. I was busy with kids & I wasn't taking any time for me. The first challenge on this blog was the official 'Ponytail Challenge.'

-Each week there is a new challenge.
-Some weeks there are prizes.
-Most weeks have a little "funny" somewhere.

This blog is dedicated to all of us women who may have knowingly or unknowingly found ourselves in a slump or two; here or there."

Thanks Camille!!! There is also a giveaway going on for a $60 giftcard to Mikarose and they both go until Sunday July 20!!


Jordan & Katrina Hansen said...

Dear Tori,
Congratulations! You have been featured on jkhansen.blogspot.com! This is an honor and privilege that few hold. Ummm, I really just wanted to say thanks for the amazing purse! I loved the surprise inside, and I'm wearing it right now. Thanks Tor!

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