Apostrophy Designs: More [Lovin'] It

More [Lovin'] It

Getting ready to celebrate the Fourth and I've got nothing to write...I have had these things sitting in a folder just ready to share. These are inspiring me at the moment, mostly I am covetting for them...if I post them, I can delete them and that will be that, right? RIGHT!

4. ? Kitchen Inspiration 5. Delia's [want these BAD!]


Trachel said...

Those shoes are freaking Cute! oh my gosh.Yeah a bbq would be really fun! I dont know what were doing probly just watch them outside the stadium. How about you guys?

Heather said...

I love the idea of displaying fabric in embroidery hoops. I think it's such a fun idea.

Cindy said...

Check out Amanda's hoops at soulemama.com
I read your high school post. Ug, I'm old. Amanda and I went to JR and high school together. They are fun to make.

Misty said...

these are fantastic! I LOVE Delia's!!!!

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