Apostrophy Designs: One Month To Win It {Re-Cap + Your Projects}

One Month To Win It {Re-Cap + Your Projects}

I still can't believe I won the competition over at One Month To Win It!!

After I dropped out of SYTYC, I felt like something was still missing... I had followed OMTWI for awhile and felt like maybe I should give it a try, and am so glad I did!

**If you are debating whether to particpate in anything like this, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO, I loved having the themes and the competition...every Monday was like Christmas morning....

Here's a re-cap of my projects...

Week 2 FRAMES - Picture This Pillows

Week 3 KIDS CRAFT -- Toothbrush Bracelets

Week 4 BEACH BASH -- Beach Towel Rompers

It's been fun to see people who have used the tutorials and created projects of their own..

Ashley @ Cute As A Fox made these two darling Beach Towel Rompers usings cute towels from Target.....

{swooon for Target, I love that place!}

These turned out super cute and look just perfect on her cute little models!

and then my SIL Katie made some toothbrush bracelets with her kids and some of their friends, so much fun!!

**If you have any projects you had tried, I'd LOVE TO SEE THEM!! Shoot me an e-mail at apostrophydesign{at}gmail.com**

Have a good weekend!! :)


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