Apostrophy Designs: Chicka Takes Seattle

Chicka Takes Seattle

Oh the places you will go one day, my little Chicka...

Just thought I'd share with you some of the places you have already been {around the Seattle area}

{Lots of boats and a beautiful sunset on the dock here}

{Went to Dad's friend, Ken's wedding here}

{Threw rocks into the lake per Aunt Leslie's recommendation here}

{Dad wants to golf here some day}

{Enjoyed / Spilled delicious ice cream here}

{Enjoyed beautiful scenery and ugly fishies here}

And many other places, these are only the ones I remembered to take pictures at.

And for good measure a picture of your parents...
{Here's to hoping you think we're cool one day}


Ashley said...

I think you're cool! I think you're cool! But I don't think I'm cool, but oh well.

Ashley Wood said...

You are so creative!! I love this blog post. So fun! So will you tell me how you do that writing on your pictures??

Delia said...

Oh cute. I love all the belly pictures. :)

Unknown said...

oh tori! i love this post! such fun pictures! it was such a fun trip! so glad we got to hang out!! ps, i need a blogging tutorial from you!

Richelle said...

I love the pictures! What a fun idea. I found your blog from someone who pinned your perfect corner baby blankets. Thanks for the tutorial! Such an easy way to make perfect corners. Thank you! (PS I think you meant Kirkland in the dock picture.)

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