Apostrophy Designs: OMTWI Kids Craft: Toothbrush Bracelets {Tutorial}

OMTWI Kids Craft: Toothbrush Bracelets {Tutorial}

Are your kids already bored this Summer? 

I have a solution! A kid friendly, easy-to-do, adult supervision required Kid Craft: Toothbrush Bracelets!

They can be new or old plastic toothbrushes.  Just round up a bunch of kids, you can even invite the neighbors. Don't forget to have them bring their toothbrush.

The color options are endless and they are a breeze to make.

Using a Toothbrush has NEVER been so fun!!


 Ok FIRST let's talk toothbrushes. In order to make the tooth brush bracelets you need tooth brushes that are 100 % plastic.

I got really excited when I found a bunch at the dollar store but because they are made of recycled plastic the won't bend like we want them to for the bracelets.

The best one's I found were at Wal-mart. They were in a pack of four for about $4.98, which ends up costing a little over a dollar a toothbrush...not too bad! I also found the ones that are clear with plastic striping bent better than the ones that were all plastic.

**Also, I will add that this craft can be made by kids and for kids but done completely with ADULT supervision due to the need to boil water.**

pliers, one saucepan full of boiling water, one saucepan full of cold water, a thick dish towel, and your willing participants.

Step 1 -- You will need to pull the bristles out of the tooth brushes. I found that if you stuck the HEAD of the toothbrush in the hot water for 30 seconds and then bend the head back, it will open up the bristle holes making them easier to pull out. Do this step near a garbage can because the bristles can get messy!

Step 2 -- Place the WHOLE toothbrushes into the boiling water for about 3-5 minutes.

**I had a concerned parent who made a comment about not wanting to use a gross used toothbrush on their child. Through boiling the head of the toothbrush and then boiling the whole toothbrush for a few minutes, should rid of all the gross germies!**

Step 3 -- Remove the toothbrushes from the boiling water with your pliers and bend them into shape with your dish towel. We made ours into an oval shape and that seemed to work out pretty good. However, when you are done if you don't like the shape you can put them back into the boiling water and keep trying to get the best shape.

Step 4 -- Once you have shaped the brush drop them into the cold water to help cool off.

Hope you enjoy these bracelets like we have and that they will help you have a the best Summer!

If you have any other questions let me know!


Melissa @ Love Affair With My Brother said...

Congrats on winning week 3! Looks like a fun project for kids :)

Peggie said...

OH this looks like fun! Never saw this idea anywhere! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Cull said...

Hey, that's a real cool idea! I know that we use toothbrushes for our teeth. But I never expected them to be used as a bracelet. I might try this when I get the free time.

Anonymous said...

I did this as a child- I love this idea so much!
Im going to have to do this with my child. This would be awesome for those used tooth brushes i was going to throw away!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea to make not only for kids, but for dental hygenists and gals at the dentists office (don't think our male dentist would wear one! lol)... Love it, Thanks!!

cucicucicoo said...

this is fantastic! i have so many old toothbrushes and only so many bathroom fixtures to clean with them! thanks! :) lisa

Anonymous said...

cool idea

Kathy said...

Great idea!! You might want to delete the spam from Salim Reza...

Anonymous said...

Very cool !!!

Klara Gaglia said...

I wonder if this will work with plastic rulers

A J Wallace said...

For the first time i have seen such creativity with kids toothbrush.

Anonymous said...

Great ideal,maybe it could be made & used for gifts for Pre-K, or First Grade, maybe if there is enough room on the toothbrush, their name could be added, it would be for the party's they have, just a thought?

Miss Dragonfly said...

They have to be 100 percent plastic not recycled

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Unknown said...

How many more so I think I'm going to try for myself. Always wondered what else you could do with the toothbrush besides using besides using it for cleaning small spaces.

Kiran said...

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Kelly said...

This is such a great idea!! I have featured it on our article 8 kids craft projects from recycled materials. Here is the link if you would like to check it out https://www.diythought.com/8-kids-craft-projects-from-recycled-materials/

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