Apostrophy Designs: The Perfect Corner Baby Blanket {Tutorial}

The Perfect Corner Baby Blanket {Tutorial}

I am a mere week away from my last trimester and I FEEL SO UNPREPARED! Whoa is me, pregnant lady...

The nice thing about having another girl, is that I already have a lot of baby girl stuff, however Bergen tends to think all of her blankets are her blankets... so I whipped out a few more of these Perfect Corner Blankets I shared over at Made in Monday with Jill.

I thought I would repost and share this tutorial on my blog as well...

Literally if you have never made these before you will love them, such a quick project that is perfect for baby gifts or for yourself once you start nesting!!

I feel so honored to be guest posting over on Made it on Monday with the fabulous Jill!

I have been trying to think of a tutorial that would fit in with Jill's blog and be fun. Since I will have babies on the brain until October, I thought I would combine everything with a cute and easy baby blanket.

I call this blanket the Perfect Corner Blanket and it is my go to baby present or baby essential.

Step 1 -- Start out with a square piece that is 46" (BROWN) or 1 1/4 yard.

Step 2 -- Cut another square piece that is 36" (PINK) or 1 yard.

Step 3 -- With right sides facing each other, center PINK over BROWN and pin. Start 1/4" away from the edge and sew along the side leaving another 1/4" from the end.

Step 4 -- Repeat Step 3, with the opposite side. And then the remaining sides **REMEMBER TO LEAVE A 4"-5"OPENING IN THE LAST SIDE TO ALLOW FOR FLIPPING THE BLANKET INSIDE OUT.

Step 5 -- You will have excess material in the corner's, so start with one corner and fold it to a point.

Step 6 -- Fold the tip of the point to meet where the sewing starts on the side.

Step 7 -- Cut along the diagnol of the fold. Start where sewing edge ends and sew along the diagnol (this is what makes the perfect corner PERFECT!)

Step 8 -- Turn blanket inside out and press. I typically don't like pressing things but this will give the blanket a finished feel.

Step 9 -- To help the PINK layer stay inline with the BROWN layer I did a zig zag stitch on the PINK side where it meets the BROWN.

Step 10 -- Fold the blanket and you are ready to give it as a gift or keep it as yourself!

**This blanket can easily be made using any measurements ( I simply make the bigger backing piece a bigger square by 10", this will allow for a nice border.)


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Delia said...

I really do love this blanket tute. I like that decorative stitch you used in the first picture too.

Adrienne Hansen said...

Oh, you are amazing! I'm gonna make one! Maybe a chevron one! LOVE it!

sadie said...

So cute. Baby Jane needs one of those. Or forty.

Logo Design Company said...

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Gwen said...

Can you tell me what fabrics you used for the top photo? I just LOVE them!

Tori said...

In the top blanket I used the center Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannel...


and then the outer fabric is Riley Blake Summer Song...


I found them both at a local quilt shoppe here in northern utah!!

The other blanket is also riley blake...Thanks Gwen!

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...


Anna said...

super cute, what a fun baby blanket gift!

Kris Mac said...

Just made this blanket and it turned out great. Thanks for the instructions with pictures that sure does help.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just found this lovely blanket via Pinterest. But I can't follow the instructions -- what happens between steps 3 and 4? Is the pink centered or not? "Sew along the side" -- does that mean around the pink piece? I'm confused! Can you help?
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Would you consider a video tutorial?

Nina's Apartment said...

Super lovely! I have just entered my third trimester too and feel rather unprepared as well!! Would love to try and make the blanket, it's gorgeous. X

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous! The top fabric is laid on top of the bottom fabric with a border of the same size all around. Next picture shows the top fabric moved all the way to the edge. I am so confused! Hope I can figure it out because the blankets are adorable!

Tori said...

When you do the sides the pink fabric is centered, I do have pictures but I think they were more confusing! I will look at them more tonight to see if I can photoshop them to help out and post them... if you have any more questions please feel free to e-mail me at apostrophydesigns(at)gmail.com.

Thanks, and if you have made a blanket I'd love to see it! :)

Anonymous said...

Love this idea & blanket & would love to make. I am a beginner at sewing but tend to pick up easy with pictures/instructions & vidoes on the web (gotta love it), but yes as others have said I am slightly confused as to the steps/pictures when it comes to sewing on the pink piece, extra brown on one side etc, etc... more pictures or instructions would be so helpful - hope all is well! thx,Stacy, TN

Anonymous said...

Greetings Tori,

Thank you for this tutorial. My corners are perfect, but the top section inside the corners is raised and puckered. Any ideas as to how I can improve my technique and get rid of the puckers? thanks

Tori said...

Try this link to see if it helps with the confusion of lining up your Inner and Outer peices....


**Last Anonymous could you e-mail me a picture of your pucker problem and I'll see what I can do to help!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to try to make this blanket but I'm lost at steps 3 and 4. It says to center but they aren't. I don't understand the "Start 1/4" away from the edge and sew along the side leaving another 1/4" from the end." More pics please! Thank you!

Katie said...

I'm with the others that are confused. :) Love the idea of this tutorial (thank you for putting it together!) but I'm totally lost at step 3 and 4. Any chance you could do another tutorial with more detailed pictures? Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I just made my first baby blanket using this tutorial and it turned out wonderful! You were right the corners are "PERFECT" and I love this as a gift. I'm giving my blanket to my niece who just had her first baby girl. This will be my go to baby present from now on!! Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful project.

Nookncranny said...

Wondering I you can help with a question...my center fabric is sagging after I stitch it together...I think my corners have been less than perfect, letting it sag. Any pointers on cutting the corner a little more carefully?

Tori said...

I would use a lot of pins...you could have a sagggy middle because your fabric isn't completely lining up correctly. Another trick might be to make sure that your fabrics are perfectly square because that can throw the corners off too! Let me know if that helps! Thanks!!

Amy H. said...

I think your blankets are SO cute! Through your tutorial and the tutorial link below, I think I can do this. Thanks for sharing!


Holly Sage said...

I loved this!!! Been making baby blankets for years, and this is certainly going to help me to streamline how it's done!! The link you posted with the drawing illustration helped immensely in understanding what you did! Can't wait to try it this weekend!!! Thank you!

Sarah said...

Thank you for including a picture holding the corner up. I had such an ah-ha moment seeing that picture that I haven't had with other tutorials on this type of blanket.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm totally confused also, and I'm a veteran seamstress, BUT, I tend to get confused easily with writen instructions. :-) So, since I have lots of scraps, I'm gonna make a small "doll" blanket size, and if it works out, I can make the larger ones. Then my granddaughter can have both blankets!

Angela said...

I've read it over several times and I think I'm starting to understand! I'm going to try it on a scrap (maybe make a placemat?) before getting out the big fabric.

Anonymous said...

Aaah! I'm going to try this for a baby shower coming up at the end of the month, and...if I'm successful, ha...I'll blog it and link back to you. Thanks for the nice tute!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this today and was very confused also. I tried it out on a very small scale with scraps and I think I solved the problem.

If you look closely at picture 2, it is lined up like a picture in the frame (note about 3 brown stripes on each side of the pink fabric to the left and right). But then in picture 3, she has moved the pink fabric edge to line up with the left edge of the brown fabric (with about 6 brown stripes visible to the right of the right edge of the pink fabric) and centered it from top to bottom on the left edge of the brown fabric. Sew along the pink fabric, leaving 1/4" edge free on top and bottom of line.

After sewing that edge, you move the right edge of the pink to match right edge of the brown (that's why you see an edge of brown at the left side in photo 4. Repeat by matching the top edge of the pink to the top edge of the brown and then also with the bottom edges of the pink and brown. Be careful to keep each side centered to keep the blanket square.

You need to leave the 1/4" edge open on each edge of the pink fabric to allow all the fabric to match up nicely at the corners.

It's a little tricky, but once you figure it out, it seems so simple. I always find it hard to follow tutorials as a beginner sewer. I think a lot steps get left out because so many of them are just intuitive to a more experienced sewer.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i don't understand where you cut the diagonal?

Anonymous said...

thanks annonymous for the more detailed instructions... along with the tutorial it finally clicked, mostly... lol i totally want to go to the fabric store now!

Darla's Mom said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I get it now! Can't wait to make this!

Kristine Andrews said...

OMG! I HATE sewing instructions!! I'm a decent sewer, having sewn everything from cushion covers, to jackets, to dresses, to every Halloween costume my girls have worn for the last 15 years... but I am still so confused by sewing directions! And this was no exception!! I think I read and reread this blog about 15 times and then downloaded the PDF from the link above and read and reread it 15 times! Finally I figured out that the key is to mark the middle of each side, line those up and sew. You will have a big blob of fabric on one side (the striped side)that will work once you turn it right side out and press it. But somehow I still screwed up the corners- because when I turned it right side out it was a perfect....dog bed!! All it needs is a piece of foam :) Seriously, I screwed up the corners somehow and they don't lie flat. So I give up! I guess I'll just stick with rounded corners on baby blankets :(

Anonymous said...

I'm so frustrated I want to cry! I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

i understand what the picture is saying, i even looked at the other link.... i just cant get it to hapen in real life! LOL i have the first 2 sides sewn and i cant get the 3rd side lined up properly... off to give it another try...

able mabel said...

I am going to try this soon. I was confused by reading the directions also but after reading thru the comments, I think I got it. Will let you know when I get it done.

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial! Can you tell me where you got the brown/cream chevron fabric from? Is it a cotton? The only chevron prints I've been able to locate have been upholstery fabrics! Thanks sooo much!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I too am still confused but I also have problems with written instructions. (picture a sad face)
I am going to continue to read, read and read some more and give it a go. I would love to do a perfect cornered baby blanket. :-)

Anonymous said...

For those of us that have a problem with written instructions, here is a another link. See if this helps. :-)

Custom Baby Boutique said...

k so the fabrics on this tutorial above are about 1000x cuter, but there are a lot more steps pictured on another blog that finally UNconfused me so I could try this...it's on this blog:

Anonymous said...

Very cute blanket, and I sew alot, but just could not follow the instructions after you sew the two sides. I'll try the other web site.

Anonymous said...

If I wanted to line blanket would I use pink size as my inner linning size??

Sarah Shalley said...

i absolutely cannot figure this out! please please help...or someone create a video. : )

Anonymous said...

I couldn't figure out the directions either. I'm very sad because the blanket is so adorable!

Jenn said...

What does the back look like? Is it finished?

Christy said...

very cute blanket. one day i may try it

Anonymous said...

Yes I ended up with a dog bed too. Guess Kristine and I need to get dogs now. NEED BETTER PICTURES AND INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE!

Michelle @ Barabooboo said...

Just finished making one of these....you're right...Easy, Peasy! Turned out fantastically...I used a soft flannel for the smaller piece and an awesome Lecien polkadot for the larger piece...thanks for the tute!

Sundi @ The Life of a Cheap Chickadee said...


That's a youtube video that will make complete sense! All ya'll need to calm down about the confusing instructions! There's no need to be rude. Tori, I think you did the best you could with the instructions, I always have such a hard time knowing if tutorials will make sense to people. This is just one of those projects that needs to be seen in action! I love it and plan on trying one tomorrow. Have you ever made one with three layers? Like a layer or flannel in the middle of the blanket for batting?

AnnaPK said...

I just made one of these for my soon-to-be-born nephew. It came out great and I want to make more. Thank you!!!!

Baby Blankets said...

I love the information you put out! Very good!

Bea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bea said...

Super Thanks for this tutorial. I found it on pinterest a couple of days ago. I sewed a place mat, as suggested by one of your readers, and it came out perfect! I did get stuck on step 6- 7. So,I tested it without cutting. After my second try I was able to figure out where to fold down. On step 6 you fold down the point of the excess fabric down to the top of the stiches already made, not over them, then you can see the diagonal where you need to sew. Now I am ready to sew a beautiful baby blanket!! So Thanks again!

Erin Nagy said...

I made one! Thanks for the tutorial! Took me two tries to get the corners right, I was sewing where the vertical fold was instead of sewing along the diagonal. But it turned out beautiful! I added a little whale applique before joining the two layers, here is a pic on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.339358349480565.77632.301225876627146&type=3#!/photo.php?fbid=339358362813897&set=a.339358349480565.77632.301225876627146&type=3&theater

NanaTJ said...

Thanks for such an easy tutorial.

Unknown said...

Thanks I love this blanket. I'm going to try to make one today...

Anonymous said...

there is tutorials on You tube under "self binding baby blanket" ....easy to understand after watching the video!

Jessica said...

When I tried making a blanket like this before I made a million mistakes trying to figure it out on my own, and it took forever. I can't believe how easy your method is. I'm going to make a million of these blankets now!

Unknown said...

Anyone having problems with the corners watch the you tube video! This really is an easy blanket and they are fast to make.

Kim said...

Thanks! I've wanted to make this for a long time. It was easy and quick. Looks so cute too.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand Step 7 :(

Anonymous said...

Maybe i missed it. I know you made one with flannel, but have you made any with just plain cotton? Is it a bad idea for a newborn baby?

Anonymous said...

I made two for a co worker,she had twins n she loved them.Big enough to cover when breast feeding.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the post, this was a great way to finish a quick baby quilt for my girlfriend. I Will send you a photo.

Anonymous said...

After you cut the diagonal, do you sew along it before turning the blanket right side out?

Anonymous said...

When you say back piece is 46 your talking lenght right? What widith of material are you using?


Anonymous said...

I am just as confused as the others on your blog but I am going to keep trying to make one.

Anonymous said...

Took me forever to figure this out but I think I finally understand. Between 3 and 4 do you mean to pull the pink (top) fabric over to line it up with the opposite edge and then sew? Then repeat this with the other two sides?

Anonymous said...

Last night I read and reread the instructions and in my mind I couldn't understand what I should do; this morning I woke up and thought, I think I can do this, I think I've got it. Came home from work and I have made the cutest Dr. Seuss lorax receiving blanket thanks to your blog. Thank you so much!!!! Annette

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Anonymous said...

One quick question. Did you use regular 100% cotton printed fabric for your blanket or is the fabric a flanelette? Thanks.

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joey said...

That is too cute Deb...I need to make one for the nursery at church, that will be great,thanks for posting it...

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Amy Mellsop said...

Super easy to make. Great instructions! I used a minky/fleece with the little pop out dots for the small square and it's sooo cozy. It's winter here in new Zealand.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a the other Anonymous' and a couple others, steps 3 & 4 and What.. very confusing! Not the best Tutorial! Sorry. I took too long to read all this when I could be making a Simple blanket!!

Anonymous said...

There is a video on Missouri Quilt Shop. Search Mitered baby blanket....it is also on Youtube. i have made several of these. Get lots of requests for them. Love this method.

Anonymous said...

The video on youtube helps! Thank you for mentioning that! Can't wait to make one :)

Unknown said...


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Burdgirl13 said...

So, could I add a piece of fabric to the back after stitching the smaller squares together, or would that totally interfere with the perfect corners?

Unknown said...

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thank u. I have made this many times & needed to refresh my mind on where to stop sewing ! & love your hint to sew the perfect corner !!
will give that a try..
Also made mine rectangle rather then square.......... so we'll see how that sews up..
making it longer I'm hoping will be a great Prayer Blanket for a child rather then a baby blanket..

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Do you sew 1/4 in to the edge of the smaller fabric, or from the edge of the larger piece? Thanks!

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Could I use minky on one side?

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This blanket is also known as a "self binding blanket" and video tutorials can be found on YouTube. ��

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Made 2 in a half hour. Need to work on my corners, but they look great.

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