Apostrophy Designs: Chatstick + A Pregnancy Confession

Chatstick + A Pregnancy Confession

Lately my lips have been chapped, and it's because this little one and developed a deep love with chatstick or stick as she likes to call it!

Every single tube of stick we find is automatically claimed by her and devoured within the day.

I literally find myself hiding my face anytime I go to apply it these days...

But atleast in her words "She's beautiful princess!!"

And lastly I have a confession, due to my pregnancy laziness...I broke down and got eyelash extensions.

I don't need to worry about mascara these days and so when I'm feeling lazy or having a blah day I just put on a tiny bit of make-up and go... IT'S PERFECT!!

This truly has been a lifesaver these past few months.


Delia said...

Okay...your eyelashes always look so pretty and I was going to ask what mascara you use. Now I know! You are so smart.

Mascara runs for me no matter if it's waterproof or not so maybe I need to go this route huh?

meg said...

Ok, honestly didn't even know eyelash extensions were a thing... now I'm dying to get them. :)

Missy said...

Tori, you are gorgeous! Those two pictures are so pretty of you! I want to get eyelash extentions but the thought of keeping them up waers me out! But maybe I should try it, who does your?!

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