Apostrophy Designs: Pamela 2: The Sequel

Pamela 2: The Sequel

It's another girl!

So I'm lame, we found out last Wednesday but things have been crazy ever since.

First, we got lame pictures/news in our first attempt and I kinda turned into Debbie Downer from then on...

First attempt?? I know. 

You see I have funny blood and it gave us a scare last Wednesday. It was/is complicated...

But, today is Monday and it's a better day, because I got to see my baby girl again for a second attempt and get better pictures of her (even though she was quite snuggly) and things look good for now.

Only I shouldn't have married my cousin...ok, that's not true. 

I love my Donnie...and we are really not cousins. I swear!

Here's our snuggly baby sista. ("Comin' Halloween!" says Bergs)



Anyways, now we are really excited!!

I have lots of cute baby projects and ideas a brewing...can't wait to show you what we are up too!


Stacy said...

So great!! Congrats! I can't wait to see all the matchy matchiness you make them!

kaitie said...

Congratulations on Pam 2! Hope all goes well for the duration!

Landon & Cami said...


Adrienne Hansen said...

Look at that darling profile! I think she looks like me. :) Love Pamela 2 SOOOOOO darn much!

Delia said...

Yay! Congrats! Bergs and this little girl are going to be so cute together!

kate said...

yay! congrats! can't wait to see lots of baby girl crafts!!

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