Apostrophy Designs: Exit Interview SYTYC

Exit Interview SYTYC

Here is my exit interview for SYTYC... seriously loved my experience there. If you are crafty at all, you should audition, it was a blast!

Huge thanks again to Missy and everyone who voted for me! :)

1.Tell us a little about you and your blog.
I orignally started my blog as a challenge from a sister in law who was living a few states away. A few months later we purchased a Duplex and began renovating it, so then I began pumping up our blog with our renovations and other fun projects along the way. I have always loved making things and so I also began sharing some of that stuff on there as well. At first I called it My Life As Donswife, for my husband Adam who I loving call by his middle name Don. I recently have changed the name to Apostrophy Designs to reflect my business and etsy shop.
2.How and when did you start crafting?
I have been crafting as long as I can remember. My grandma would teach me how to make prickly bushes into baskets when we would got camping and I also loved to string beads and her house while watching her quilt. My mother was quite the seamstress and I remember just waiting for her to start a project so I could gather up her scraps and fashion them into a dress for a doll or some sort of awkward purse.
3.How often do you craft?
Being a mom, it’s hard now to craft than before… but I consider my “me” time crafting and I try to have or complete some project during nap time at least once a week.
4.Where do you get your inspiration?
Right now I am addicted to pinterest, there are so many fun and inspirational aspects of it. I also love to look at athropolgie, because let’s face it everything they have is amazing and also very inspiring.
5.What is your favorite medium to work in?
I love to sew, whether it’s hand or machine. I’d put my glue gun down any day and pick up a needle!
6.What is your guilty pleasure?
On really bad days, I love to go hang out and the fabric store and just browse the aisles. However, I think it makes my husband have a bad day when he sees me come home with more fabric, I have a closets full.
7.What makes you smile?
I love a good stupid joke. I also love my family, we are very close and there is nothing better than sitting a talking to them.
8.What is your favorite thing to do (other than crafting)?
I love reality TV. It’s almost bad to say but I have auditioned for a couple shows, and not made it…but AM SO EXCITED TO BE APART OF SYTYC because this is more reality than TV anyway!!


kate said...

I love following you on pinterest! you always find the good stuff.

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