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Mother's Day

 Mother's Day this year was more special because not only did I focus on my Mom who recently passed away, I focused on the Mother that I hope to be someday.

I think this poster from kikicreates and quote from good ol' abe, say it best...
For the funeral, it was my job to go through pictures and get some printed up to display. In the box of pictures, My mom had written several short notes and a longer life story about herself. It was fun to read that my Mom mentioned over and over how she wanted to have a big, fun family. She loved Holidays and wanted to celebrate them with her family and go on lots of family vacations.

Check, check, and check. My mom successfully did it all!

I was so proud of all of my siblings who stood up at the funeral and shared an account of our Mom. I was afraid we'd all end up talking about the same things. But I should've known better, my Mom did her very best to make us all feel special and share special moments with us. I hope I can do all of that for my family.

One thing I wish is that we would've taken more pictures together.  I had a hard time finding some of any of us with her through a specific period of time and it broke my heart. I wish I had more to cling to, but I do have many fond memories.

So with that in mind, I've decided to take more pictures with Bergen. Often times I think I look bad or feel fat, so I mostly snap a few of Don and Bergs. But I am going to resolve more to taking some of me in them too, for posterity sake.

Here are some we took tonight...

I love my Mom very much, she was one special lady.
And if you can't tell from all of swag, I am not the only one!


sadie said...

Lucky Bergen to have such a cute mommy.

Adrienne Hansen said...

Love the pics of you and bergs together! i need to also be better about taking pictures with me and the kids. it was so good to see you guys yesterday. bergs makes me so happy. she's such a cutie!

i have a little surprise for you that's coming in the mail...i can't wait to give it to you and i hope it's as cute in person as it is online. we shall see! :)

Katie said...

I feel the same way about wanting to take more pictures with my kids. I am always the one behind the camera and feeling way too critical of myself. But in the end I know it is important and they will want them. Hence- the pictures I took with them yesterday on Mother's Day!

Belinda said...

I thought about you on Mother's Day as my husband and I talked about his mother who passed away several years ago. We were talking a lot about he wished he had more pictures with his mom. I love the pictures with you and Bergs!

Lauren said...

Tori, Thank you for your sharing about your sweet mother. Little Bergs and baby-to-be will definitely benefit from her example and influence she had on you. Happy Mother's Day Tori!

HollyHox said...

So sweet Tori. I love all the pictures of you and Bergen, especially the one where you are having a very cute staring contest. You are so inspirational to me, thanks for sharing.

Ashley Wood said...

Tori, You are so sweet! Thanks for the reminder to take a lot of pictures!! I hope you had a good Mothers Day, You are a great mom! I can't wait to here what you are having.... let me know when you find out!

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