Apostrophy Designs: One Month To Win It (ALL!)

One Month To Win It (ALL!)

I have some more exciting news, I'm going to participate in another blog contest called "One Month To Win It".

The contest starts on Monday and I have been slaving away on my current project...can't wait to show you what I have in store.

In the meantime they posted the bio's of the ladies participating and can I say the competition looks pretty tough, I just hope I have what it takes to WIN IT! Or atleast make it passed the first round.

*I have to admit I'm struggling to find decent headshots of myself...ha ha! Maybe because I'm not super photogenic, I will try to work on that.

**I'll keep you posted as the crafts are posted.


Delia said...

Not photogenic. Pffft. You are gorgeous. Good luck with the competition. You are going to be great!

Ash said...

Uhhhhhhh..... I love that photo of you. Srsly, you're photogenic, I think everyone thinks they aren't but pretty much they are. So. There you have it.

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