Apostrophy Designs: Gone Baby, Gone!

Gone Baby, Gone!

Yesterday we came home from church to find our renters moving out of our basement apartment.

Who does that...

Move out the day before the month is over without telling your landlords?

Shame on them.

Shame on their parents for not teaching them any better!

I don't do the best with change, but we are looking forward to making many changes before re-renting our basement.

Which has motivated me to post some fun renovations/changes we've done to the house in the 3 years we've lived here.

More to come this week...


Tyler said...

So does this mean more projects for don?

Kami said...

Tell them they can say "goodbye" to their deposit! That's lame of them.

stace said...

oooh! rent it out to me! pretty pretty please? i'll be a great tenant.

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