Apostrophy Designs: Hells Kitchen Remodel

Hells Kitchen Remodel

It's pictures like the above that make me shiver...

Can't believe we lived through that!

It's pictures like the below that make me glad we've changed things up.




More kitchen references HERE, HERE or HERE.


Shels said...

WOW! I didnt realize you did THAT much remodeling-its like a whole new place! A CUTE place! Love how you opened it up.
So-I have a class with your bro-what a kid! I cant believe he's on his way to get his masters! He seems to young.

Amy said...

you guys did an amazing job. I am still in awe at your awesomeness.

see you soon!!!! yes.

Josh and Ashley Wood said...

Hey!! I love it! I would love to see your house someday, cause I know it is sooooo cute!!

Landon & Cami said...

I think it looks so good. I want to come see the before and after of the basement! You do good work!

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