Apostrophy Designs: Yessssssssssss-s-s-s!


I never really put a deadline on the giveaway and we are headed out of town after I'm done with work today and so I chose some winners late last night.
I got these fun stickers in a Lucky magazine, so I cut them up and had adam draw names.
You guys were in luck because I found this awesome duplicate of a necklace I already own and decided to have it be a secondary prize.
And the winner of the necklace was...
Bri Alder, Wahoo!
Drum roll, please....rrrr.r....rrrrr.r.r.r....
The winner of that last Apostrophy purse (for now) is:

Melanie Wilde, Ow Oow!

Send me your mailing info at torijoandersen@gmail.com and I'll mail or deliver them next week.

Sorry for all the excitement I just love giveaways, I may have to do some more in the future!

P.S. My Friday Find for the day is I will most likely be coming back to the world of etsy this September!


Melanie said...

Are you for real!? Awesome!

momma said...

oh man - being away from bloggy land made me miss this give away!!!

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