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dear bergen

one day mom decided it would be a good idea to write you letters [almost] everyday. little did she realize it would take up some much time. it's worth every minute though!



Amy said...

that is the CUTEST idea.

I admit I tried to go to the actual site. duh of course it's private.

you are such a CUTE mom TORJO!

Missy said...

You should write a book on how to be the cutest mom ever! You're full of SO many good ideas.... I love it!

Bri and Clarke said...

I agree with all of your friends!!! You should write a book on how to be the best mom ever! And you are the Cutest MOM ever!!!1
I have no idea how to be the best mom and never had such creative ideas as you do. I don't know whats wrong with me I need help from the book that should be written by you. LOL I wish I had the mind and heart of moms like you. You are so amazing!

katrina said...

Great idea! I'm impressed that you can find the time to do that!

Heather Brady said...

So sweet Tor! What a fantastic idea.

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