Apostrophy Designs: Little Va-Cay & Mia Joey

Little Va-Cay & Mia Joey

We have been taking it easy these days.

I had a work conference thing out of town and both Don and the Bergs were able to come hang out with me for a couple of days.

We had a really good time and let's face it I am in no shape to string words or whole sentences together.

So I'll just let things be and leave you with some SERIOUS eye candy.

You might have thought I was crazy about the HEELARIOUS HEELS, but I can fully admit I am crazy in love with Mia Joie shoes!

Maybe it's the Paula Prass Fabric...

Or Mia Joie's unique take on each pair of shoes...

Either way these little things have danced their way into my dreams the past couple of nights.

I cannot get over them!


Shels said...

cute! must get em'

Adrienne Hansen said...

those are super cute!!! looks like they come in yours and bergen's sizes-get matching ones!

i love her little bottle holding trick. that is amazing!

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