Apostrophy Designs: Whoa-oa, We're Half-Way There!

Whoa-oa, We're Half-Way There!

...and just as happy as ever! Really she is a happy baby, promise.

(That's not how the song goes, who's paying attention out there...)

I wanted to have a party but I work today.

So instead I whipped out half an outfit last night, and I realized:

1- I am no good at appliqué, do not look closely please

She's the best thing, ever.

Love her.


Amy said...

ohhhh-oh livin' on a prayer?


your appliqué looks awesome NOT SURE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!

and she is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!

Bri and Clarke said...

hey I want your cute bows...do you sale them???

Britt, Ben and Mack said...

What a beautiful little girl you have!

Ash said...

I love her. She is so darling. And such a happy girl!

lindsandbrian said...

YEAH! Six months! And still growing cuter and cuter! Congrats Tor...and I think your applique is wonderful.

Shels said...

WOW! Six months! And she is getting more precious every day!

Adrienne Hansen said...

I agree, she is the best thing ever. Check out those smiles in the Bumbo! So fetching cute!

momma said...

that onesie is WAY better than anything i could do :)

Ashlee said...

So super cute!! Enjoy these moments. Before you know it she will walk all over and make lots of messes!!! I love her little cheeks!!!

Emily and Russell Petty said...

She is one cute baby!!

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