Apostrophy Designs: For Your Information

For Your Information

Did you think I would ask you to tell me about your purse and not SHOW you mine?

(Well I apologize ahead of time if you thought I'd be rude like that.)

Let me introduce you to my current flavor of the month, Besty.

Besty is one of the best bags a mom/hoarder-of-all-things could possible own.

It is large and I can fit almost anything and everything in it.

Trust me, it's current state looks like this...

Needless to say I'm on my way to clean it out right now...I have no idea where Mr. Incredible came from.

(thanks for the stories so far, some of them have me DYING!)


Lorie said...


momma said...

being mom, i always have something "odd" in my purse that i didn't know was in there. tonight, it was the corner of a poptart!!

katrina said...

of course crafty tori would have fabric and thread in her purse!

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