Apostrophy Designs: #2 Boo Yeah

#2 Boo Yeah


[Sorry for lack of words, I don't mean to complain but I have not been sleeping very good and feel like I can't quite connect my brain to the rest of my body, I will post my number 1 event of 2008 tomorrow...ha ha!]


Brigitte said...

Your blog is all white! How come? Doing a little remodeling?

Well I'm sorry you don't feel good... hopefully you'll get some rest tonight and wake up feeling better. Tell that husband of your to rub your feet or something like that. ;)

And I think I can guess what your number one event of 2008 would be... guess I'll see if I'm right tomorrow! (Something to do with getting preggers right?!)

julie said...

That is pretty amazing! I will be posting a similar picture at the end of '09, can't wait!

Amy said...


#1: creers are back in town.


love you TOR!!!

Miss Anne said...

*how awesome are you???*

rock on with your badself!


Becky said...

Go TORI! That's great girl!

Katie said...

You'll never regret it. I am so glad I did it.

Shels said...

WHAHOOO! Thats a GREAT accomplishment! Right up there with havin a baby in the belly! :)

jill d said...

Yeah for Tori Jo!
I like the white blog, looks like mine, clean and simple. :0)

i'm kelly said...


Ashley said...

Haha. I like that you used the word booyeah, even though Don is anti-booyeah'er. If that makes sense.

And I also enjoyed sharing that day with you and Troy (and many others... obviously...).

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