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Watch Yo-Self

I graduated from college last Saturday with my twin brother T-Rizzle and sister-in-law Ashtab [my final grades have posted, it is official]. Yesssssssss.


See what I mean? Sweet picture, I know. Ok, even though the day was lengthy, the sun was shinning and it was truly a good day! Elder L. Tom Perry spoke at the College of Business graduation and even though it was a non-Church related event, I felt the spirit about him and truly know he is an apostle of the LDS Church. Side note: Elder L. Tom Perry grew up in my Church Ward, his brother is still in our ward and when we walked into Church on Sunday he was visiting and sitting on the stand. Kind of a surreal moment.

Here are a few more pictures, we left the battery at home in the charger and so we had to mooch off pictures from other people... so these are not all of them, especially since not ONE has Don in it, but I'll post more at the appropriate time.


There's nothing like finishing something MAJOR and realizing all the support you have around you. Thank-you, everyone!


Amy said...

BOO YEAHS TOR. you rock. congratulations!!!

jill & fam said...

Congrats Tor, we're proud of you.

Cassandra Anne said...


Now you only have to figure out what to do with the rest of your life.

Nice blog, very cutsie.

Tyler said...

congrats tojo!

julie said...

That is so awesome! Congrats! I am totally jealous, I still have too long until my big day.

Becky said...

Tori!! That's so great! Now you can rule the world! You better get busy.

Melanie said...

What the heck!? Congratulations Smarty-Pants!
Give Ash-Tab (Angela Fabulous) a big congratulations too!

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