Apostrophy Designs: Oh, Happy Day!

Oh, Happy Day!

I'm off to the doctor to find out the current status of Pamela and then I'm off to go shopping with the girls! 

Have a good weekend and enjoy the Superbowl? I know I'll enjoy the food atleast!!

Who's playing again??

[flower decals found HERE]


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. That is SO cute!

jill d said...

cute tor! where are you girls going shopping?

Adrienne Hansen said...

I LOVE Pam's room!

PC here we come!! Less than 1 hour! Wahoo!

Mrs Anne said...

love little sweet pamela's room! :) hope the canvas goes well in there!


momma said...
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momma said...

cute flowers!! hope all is well with pamela :)

MissLed said...

Adorable room Tor! I think she'll LOVE it. :) Also, I just ready your blog about the Jazz game. You are hillarious! I love your comments about Kyle. He's just so dreamy. Have fun shopping.

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