Apostrophy Designs: #4 Pimp My House

#4 Pimp My House

We've been in our house for 2 1/2 years and I've gone from showering in plastic to sleeping on just a mattress...

[2008 was the year that most of the renovating is complete...I hope?]

...and it's been worth it!

[I'll post more pictures of the renovation later...we're still waiting on a stove.]


Ashlee said...

Well from what I saw when we were there. Your house looks awesome! I noticed that you moved your shelf's. They look good there too.

Anonymous said...

it looks awesome sis!! you and adam did a great job:) i hope your hair turned out good. lov ya tami

Adrienne Hansen said...

You've changed a lot since I've seen it! I need to come over soon! Tell me, you aren't sleeping on just a mattress now are you? I hope not. I did that for about a month at about 4 months prego. Not fun at all!!!

Mrs Anne said...

is that a blanket from Ikea???

Love what you've done!

change is so great isn't it??

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