Apostrophy Designs: #3 Apostrophy + Afghananza

#3 Apostrophy + Afghananza

I owe my love of creating to my mother and so as I started an Etsy shop past this year I was thankful to have her input throughout the process. In the first 6 months of having my shop I sold over 50 bags and did multiple giveaways, it has been such a fun adventure for 2008!

However, with the new baby and all sorts of other things going on I don't know quite what will happen to my little shop...I haven't decided yet, but change is a coming, of that I am sure...


I think I may have mentioned this before, about the Topsy Turvy Dolls, and how my mom made a bunch a sold them back in the 80's. Anyways I was helping my mom clean out her cupboards the other day I came across a picture of her dolls...and thought it would be fun to compare hers to the few I made this year.


Aren't they such cute and fun dolls? My mom could whip them out like no other, I however get a little tied up with the yarn hair [once I can figure out a faster way to do it maybe I'll add some to my shop, who knows?]

But my mom always did have a way with yarn...

Speaking of, I got an e-mail and a comment asking me about the blanket pictured in my last post. My mom made each of us, her seven children, these amazing Afghans for Christmas. I have to say it's one of my favorite Christmas presents...she started making them in October and barely finished right before Christmas. Like I said before, one talented Mama!



Ashley said...

That is a GREAT blanket! I like your dolls [and bags, but that goes without saying...]. You are quite talented!

Adrienne Hansen said...

I love the afghan! I can't believe she made one for ALL of you! :) That was a lot of work!

I will watch Pamela so you can continue your store. Go Apostrophy!

Miss Anne said...

omg that afghan is amazing... i thought it was the one from ikea!

love your dolls too!

:) so sweet!

momma said...

you and your mom are pretty talented ladies! the most i can crochet are small washcloths, or blankets that look like big washcloths :) but, they keep ya warm!

i hope you can keep your store. i still get so many compliments on my bag!!!

Brigitte said...

I remember having a doll like that when I was a kid! Do you sell those in your shop? I still haven't visited your store, I can't tempt myself until I have some money to spend. haha.

I hope your shop is around though when I'm rich and famous. How many more weeks till little Pam comes? I know this is really random since I don't really know you - but you really need to read this book called The Baby Whisperer. I think it should be mandatory reading for all mothers, it has seriously made things SO much easier! I buy it for everyone I know and they all love it and so I think you will too. Just a random little tidbit for ya. ;)

i'm kelly said...

i love that afghan! how do i get one the list?!

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