Apostrophy Designs: Summerfest Booth

Summerfest Booth

I am so happy with how the booth turned out...so much brighter and cuter than last year!

We had a busy day despite the wacky weather! We hope to see more of you there sometime this weekend!


Ash said...

I think yours is the most fun booth at summerfest. LOVED it.

Crystal said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I'm biased. My favorite color is RED! :) I miss a good festival, outdoor craft show, etc. We don't have nearly enough of them here in Nebraska. Wow. So I found your site through the 1 month to win it. I was looking for the toothbrush bracelets. So, I didn't follow a link, just came to your page. I kept hitting 'older, older' at the bottom & saw the 1st photo of your mom (holding your daughter). I said to myself "her hands look like Scleroderma". So I kept going & wow. First let me say I'm SO sorry for the loss of your mother. Second, I have had Scleroderma since 1988. I have the limited form, but it's causing the curling of the fingers/hands & a lot of other issues over the last 7 years. I don't stumble across it every day, so I was shocked to see that that's what your mom had. I know she had a beautiful life - you & your siblings all seem to be amazingly beautiful adults & just from your blog, I know you made her happy. God bless!

katrina said...

Cute! I wish I could've seen the booth in person. You make me feel lazy!

Holly Hox said...

So so cute! You are the coolest person I know.

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