Apostrophy Designs: Six Years Ago...

Six Years Ago...

Six years ago Adam Don and I were married!

Oh boy, it is crazy how time flies...I can't even begin to tell you the journey we've been on and the things we have gone through.

We renovated a house, quit jobs, graduated college, became parents, and experienced other losses. 

{Not to mention that the pregnant me isn't so happy go lucky these days... Poor Adam!}

But we've made it, we're still in love as ever, and we haven't killed each other yet.

Ok, well who says we haven't tried... jk!

I love my Adam Don and am thankful for the great husband, daddy, friend, and partner in crime he is to me.

Can't wait for many more years to come!


Ash said...

Adam looks sooooooooo young in that first one. You too! Happy 6 years! I love you guys.

Landon & Cami said...

Happy 6 years!

Adrienne Hansen said...

Tori, thank YOU for marrying him. I don't think we could have dreamed for a more perfect girl than you. You are awesome! Love you so much!

Trachel said...

what a great picture of all of you! Tor you have a beautiful family and im so excited to meet your new little gal she will definalty be a lover:) happy anniversary the years really do fly by!

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