Apostrophy Designs: Occupational Hazard

Occupational Hazard

I had a few people ask me where I got the idea for the toothbrush bracelets, and though I didn't invent them out of thin air ,I do have an occupation hazardous past when it comes to teeth...

While in high school and for my first year outside of high school, I attended a Dental Assisting program at a local vocational school. It was while I was in this program that I met a fun group of girls and one night while attending the UDA Conference and we made toothbrush bracelets...

 {Emily, Keesa, Me, Court, & Cambria in our hotel night before the 2004 UDA Conference}

{I had a thing for Lord of the rings... what can I say? That post it note actually said "Take me home!" ha ha! This was also from the same night that we went down to SLC for the conference.}

I loved teeth and still do! I went on and became a certified dental assistant in the state of Utah and worked for a few years as a Orthodontic Assistant. 

A few years later, as a recent newlywed and after just buying a house, I had a really bad experience with my employer and so I QUIT! {Looooong story and I hate admitting that I quit anything...but my morals were questioned} So I decided to go to college and got my degree in Business Administration/Marketing. Best decision ever!!

Funny how my plans I had made for myself waaay back when {I'm getting old!} have changed...of course for the better. It was just fun to make those bracelets again with my nieces and nephews and remind them that I do know a thing or two about teeth and hygiene! :)


trevor and keesa said...

we are getting old aren't we??!! those were some good times though, i must say!

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