Apostrophy Designs: Summerfest 2011

Summerfest 2011

 I am in full preperation this week for the upcoming Summefest this weekend! I will have all of my zipper stuff in their glory but I came up with a few new things I'd love to show too!

First up are these adorable Ruffle Cuffs.
They are made with elastic out of cotton material and topped off with some satin flowers and cute buttons.

I couldn't help but put this last picture on here, I love the faces she pulls! Thanks Brook and Brin for modeling!!!

P.S. I am still in it over at One Month To Win It...go on and vote for your fave (and my project ;) )


Stacy said...

I just found out I'm going to be in Logan for a couple days this weekend and got so excited when my mom told me it was the Summerfest so I could come see all your cute stuff...and you! So I'll see ya soon! YAY!

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