Apostrophy Designs: Father's Day + Mom's Birthday

Father's Day + Mom's Birthday

I am so thankful today for the Dad's out there. I love Adam and thankful for him and everything he does.

Matter of fact I made quite a mess of the house this past week and after the first night of Summerfest was done I came home to a clean house, the second night folded laundry, and the last night a fully cleaned car. What an amazing man!!!

Lately Adam and Bergs have been taking bike rides and I must say she is also quite in love with him as I am!! She can't wait for her Dad to get home from work so they can play together.

Next is my Dad. I have so many fond memories of him growing up and find myself getting teary these days when I talk to other people about him. He is the most easy going, humble man I know. Growing up his patience frustrated me  because I felt {and still do} I needed a direct answer, but now I realize sometimes there is more understand and learning in patience than always knowing the what and why. I have learned many more things from him, I wish I could share them all with you...just know he is an amazing man and example to all of us.

Today also happens to be my Mom's birthday, she would've been 63. There are not enough words to describe my Mom, so I will just say that I love her dearly. I can tell you I wasn't alone, I still have people stop me and tell me stories about her...I wish I could write them all down.

We took some balloons over to her grave and sang Happy Birthday and then let them go...

Bergen is not that fond of Balloons but was completely enamored by them in the sky...

Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma...We LOVE you!


Adrienne Hansen said...

First of all I have to tell you...I love that Bergen is holding her horsey purse. Such a cutie. Did Don tell you that not only did she let me hold her, I got a tighter tighter a kiss and an I love you!!! I feel pretty darn special! :)

I can't believe MY brother did all that for you while you were out working hard for the money. What a good boy. Wish he would've done nice things like this back when I lived with him. Haha!

I don't know your dad well, but from what I have seen he is an amazing man. You are very lucky to have such a great family. I really do love all of you!

Ash said...

Oh what a good brother. Back when his room was right next to mine, he'd come home late from hanging out with friends and often I'd fall asleep with the light on. But every morning when I woke up, my light would be turned off... a little sign that he'd check in on me. I always loved that.

And your dad is such a good guy. He's always impressed me with how loving he was with your mom, and how calm and easy-going he is. So glad for dads on father's day!

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