Apostrophy Designs: A Fly By

A Fly By

ME: the terrible grocery shopper.

EXPLANATION: every Saturday night rolls around only to find out that we are out of milk and our cereal of choice [which happens to be Captain Crunch this month] only to go to the grocery store around 11 to buy those things and other things like oreos, only to miss out on the important food items like eggs and other things that would make actual meals.

MY PROBLEM: has a name, fly-by-the-hip shopping. I'm not the ONLY one! I impulse buy the majority of my groceries and end up forgetting the important things and spending loads of money.

The Grocery Guru came and spoke to the ladies of my ward and informed us that there is a better way to shop...I usually hate things like this but I really could get into the things he was saying...

WHAT I KNOW: he mentioned Wal-mart and how he hasn't been able to get any sort of a system down with saving money at Wal-mart...price matching and all...Awhile ago I started shopping at Smith's instead of Wal-mart and have saved up to $40 dollars each time I shop.

[I also save $50 if I don't take Don with me to the store, instant savings of $90.]

MY THEORY: while I don't believe in getting preachy on my blog, I think that there is some truth in making lists and then searching for coupons for the things on our list and not vise virsa...or just trying to plan meals as we go shopping [like I do every Saturday Night].

MY GOAL: is to plan meals and make lists. This is hard because we don't have a stove...but Captain Crunch w/Berries counts as a balanced meal, right?

MY PLAN: will be to have a plan. The Grocery Guru has a website and a plan, he tells you what is on sale and which store and where to find coupons. Also, if you live in Utah he travels around and has shops [at different stores] set up where he'll take you grocery shopping in a half hour, buying enough food for a week and save you up to 70%.

[He's going to be in Cache Valley next week if anyone is interested, it's free, let me know]

BLING: with all of the money I'm going to be saving I'm going to buy these, in every color, for my baby:

[Who I am kidding, I'll be buying them anyway...]


Miss Anne said...

I'm guilty as charged for "fly by" stops at the grocery... and boy do they add up!

Lists/coupons/menus is the way to go! cheaper, smarter, and healthier all around!

love those little heels, they make me squeel!


Katie said...

I always make a list and plan meals- with kids I think it is a must if we want to have healthy meals and together time.

Adrienne Hansen said...

Now those heels are AWESOME!

I hope your meal planning goes better than mine did. I lasted about half a week. I need to get back into again. I think it's a very, very good idea.

Trachel said...

Tor i really learned so much last night from the grocery guru. It is helpful to have a guide and a few rules to follow when grocery shopping. And the plates are so cute and i had fun making them. Thanks again for inviting me it was loads of FUN!

Kami said...

Didn't there used to be a show where someone had so much time to throw in as much food or items as possible into their cart and they got to keep it? I'm vaguely remembering this...or am I making it up because I've always wanted that to happen to me??

Shels said...

I love bargains and Ive heard a little about the guru, might just have to check him out

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!

Shels said...

and yes, i would love to see some picts of our hospital dress up days.
and maybe will i dress up to see you and your new babe...i have a couple months to ponder it.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check that stuff out some more. I definitely need some more knowledge on those things so far I think I"m getting an "F" in the home-making department. I tried the whole meal plan. Since we are both so indecisive I even had Dalan draw the meals out of a hat at the first of the month. Sadly it didn't last.

AdAmy said...

I would love to go shopping with the guru. I could always use some new ideas and advice on being organized and saving money. I would also love to see your baby in those shoes! I did not know they make heels for babies! Cute.

Tanner and Stacy said...

I'm all about plans and lists! I realized that I was only cooking about once a week and then we were eating out every other day...not cheap! I think it's supposed to be the other way around. So I started planning my meals out for the week and making a list, and now we haven't gone out to eat since we moved down here. It's been great! I use a similar system that he's got for price matching. A lot of stress is relieved in your life when you don't have to ask what's for din-din!

Tyler said...

The answer to Kami's question of a show where people shoved crap into a shopping cart... It was called "super market sweep". Best show ever....

The key i learned to shopping is that you don't go shopping when you are hungry because you are more inclined to buy those "snacks" and not real food. That is why i got fat in Ohio. :D

Leslie said...

Tyler- You wish you were fat.

So I was grocery shopping on Saturday and while I was checking out, I noticed all the checker outers were hunched over sorting through coupons. My check out lady then started complaining about this grocery guru who came and brought this huge group of girls through their store and taught them how to use coupons & shop. Well apparently, this particular grocery store used up all of their "coupon points" and were backed up with all these coupons that needed to be sorted. I just thought it was funny how much of an imact the GURU had on Logan already.

Clare said...

Nice post..! I would love to go shopping with the grocery guru

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