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Everybody's Gonna Love Today

Had a baby shower today [previously postponed due to ugly Utah weather].

Only to be trumped with more ugly Utah weather.

But we forged ahead and made out with quite the loot!

Sorry I haven't posted much, we both have been trying to catch up on this....

We aren't quite there yet.

Any advice? Seriously, ANYONE? 


momma said...

when our kiddies were babies, we always played music for them - either lullaby music or just instrumental classical. it worked perfectly. now, they both get sleepy when they hear that music. hope you can get some rest!

Mauri said...

Baby Wise...Read it, follow it...works like a charm!

Anonymous said...

If you get any good tips, share them with me. My baby only sleeps 10 min. max during the day. It is driving me crazy!

Leslie said...

Man.. I so wish I could have gone! I heard it was a hoot! Bergen is so cute by the way- I just love her cheeks!

Katie Shelley said...

Hey Tori!
I found your blog too! The whole sleeping thing sucks!!! Annie is a great sleeper, but Tate was horrible. He woke up every three hours til he was 1!!! anyways, sorry I missed the shower, hope to see you soon!

Ashlee said...

Help with sleeping at night or in the day? I am with your mom. Both of my kids slept through the night from the get go. For Jaysa it was R.E.M. and for Karra anything. They still sleep with a really loud fan. Is she in her own room if not put her there. By three months they will tell you that you don't need to feed her in the night and by the way she is gaining weight you should be just fine. And just a side note I always went to bed before my kids did. I would make Adam stay up with them tell 10 or so and give them a bottle before he would put them down. That way I already had a hour or two on them. Sorry that was so long. Let me know if you need more detailed info I am full of it. HAHA!!

Shels said...

she is so stinkin cute! Good luck with the sleeping thing-dont know what to tell ya there. someday I will have to ask ya though!

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