Apostrophy Designs: Memorial Day and Then Some

Memorial Day and Then Some

We have been having lots of fun lately with the sun shining and all...lots of parks, friends and fun! 

I especially love these pictures of Bergen with cousin Bella. 

Bella just happens to be one of the biggest fans of Bergen, mostly of her hair...

They'll be best buds I can tell already!

Also we finished our project...

And from what you can tell we got a new swimming pool!

Gee, I wish that's what it was, but...

Our sewer kept backing-up in our basement (through the shower!)

Not necessarily bad for us, felt bad for the renters though...

Because it happened more than 4 times in a calendar year, we decided it needed to be replaced.

And thus a big hole was dug.

Then filled, with dead grass needing to be rescued.

In all honesty, it looks worse than it really was.

In fact, if I were a rich woman, I'd replace the sewer pipe annually.

Joking, but at least we can breath easier now that it's all done!


momma said...

bergen is just so cute, even when she's not happy!

is she sleeping better now?

Adrienne Hansen said...

Jimmy Baby's future wife! I love Bella-don't think she loves me yet. Yet! Bergen looks so big! :( I need to see her.

Glad your project is all done. I was really impressed that you guys closed an entire street. And a wide one at that!

lindsandbrian said...

TORI!!! I am so glad you found me. I have filled your best friend in ;) and she says hello. You look so great and your sweet little Bergen is beautiful even crying! You girls have the cutest girls! I am so glad to see you are doing so well!

Miss Anne said...

Oh the sweet baby :) Adorable!

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