Apostrophy Designs: Playing Ketch-up

Playing Ketch-up

Things have been busy around these parts:

Bergen got her toe nails painted for the first time (thanks Aunt Sals!)

My younger brother, The Ninja, graduated from college.

Look at all the bling...he's that smart!

Bergen showed her support by wearing this to graduation.

A shot of the Ninja's support group aka family.

Did I mentioned it rained most of the day?

I have also been enjoying my time as a Mom.

And with such a sweet girl, who wouldn't?

We also celebrated my first Mother's Day.

It came and went perfectly...

Well once I helped Don realize the he got Bergen dressed backwards!

I feel I have barely scratched the surface on this whole Motherhood thing.

It is so neat and intimidating at the same time.

But thankfully I have many great examples of Mothers in my life.

They make me anxious to experience all the wonders of Motherhood.

[Belated] Happy Mother's Day!

[Don's Mom]

[My Mom]

We love you guys!


Amy said...

these pictures are the BEST.

love the painted toe-nails! love the ninja's smartness! love the backwards dress!!!

... and happy first mother's day tor!!!!

momma said...

LOVE the toe nails!!

once, i came home to find princess (4 or 5 months old) with her onesie snapped OVER her pants. daddy had done his best!! so funny!!! at least he was trying :)

MissLed said...

Ohhh...I love little baby toes! Such cute pictures Tor. Hope you had a fantastic 1st Mother's Day!

Trachel said...

I heart bergen! She is a doll i was so sad that i couldnt hold her on mothers day since i have been sick like forever! so happy for you guys you have a great family!

Ashlee said...

She is so stickin cute! Tell Don not to worry Adam has done that a time or two! Now when Karra gets her self dressed and it doesn't match at all, she says dad dressed me. So that what he has to look forward too!

Miss Anne said...

Look at those sweet little toesies!

:) you're a lovely Mom!

hope your Mother's Day was fabulous!

Scott and Abby said...

How sweet! I love that he put the dress on backwards! lol

Leslie said...

That dress even looks cute on her backwards :) Yay for cute painted toenails and yay for Tyler graduating!

Shels said...

exciting times! I laughed out loud at the picture of the backwards dress-so funny!
And congrats to Tyler-what an accomplishment!

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