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She's This Big

Three months that is (today), and Bergen isn't shy when it comes to letting you know how big she really is.

I am glad I decided to do this growth chart because it has been fun to look back at the previous photo shoots and see just how much she really has changed.

We don't go to the doctor this month so I don't know how much she weighs, but guessing by the size her thighs she's 14 pounds!

[It's also my SIL Jill's Birthday today, Happy Birthday Jill!]


Ashlee said...

Gotta love those chubby legs!

Amy said...




she is SO BIG! she got chubber thighs and I am so happy. she is the cutest . . . . . thing . . . . I WANT TO HOLD HER NOW!!!!!!

p.s. happy birthday jill!!!!

Bri and Clarke said...

I wish I would have done something like this it's awesome. I wil have to do it next time. We are doing great. I love all of your pictures. Bergan is getting so big too. She is so stinkin cute. Hope everything is going well for you guys too.

laceyJ. said...

What a great idea!!! She's a doll!

Thank you for the comment about the segment- I really appreciate it!

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