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The Nose Knows

Before I give you a Vegas Run-down [and boy you won't wanna miss it!]
I have had a lot of people ask me about Adam Don's surgery.

I haven't posted about the ongoings of this because I was waiting for a solution before I put something so personal out there. After a handful of doctors and a couple months later, we have what they think is a viable solution to why Don has been not feeling good.

It all started... about the time we found out I was pregnant, Don called me one day saying he was dizzy and thought he had an allergic reaction. I thought he was having a panic attack about having a baby.

Since then doctors have thought he had things from acid reflux to Horner's Sydrome but they weren't quite sure. Near the end they did an MRI just to rule out more possibilities...from the MRI they found out that he has acute and chronic sinusintitus plus a few other things that would require surgery. Wait until you see the new nose!

They did the surgery and he's healing great! Of course I missed out on all of the roughness, but let me assure you that it was hard not to be here. Just so we are even I booked Don a golfing trip the beginning of March, who needs the Father in the middle of labor anyways?

[Thanks again to everyone for their help this past weekend!]


Kami said...

that's crazy! Poor Adam! At least they figured things out and it's not a mystery anymore.
I loved the fat pants video...

TamiJenson said...

Tori, you know we will all be there during labor if adam wants to go golfing.. after all you did pick donnie over don!!!! i missed seeing you today i hope don is feeling better and that they did figure out what is wrong with him...

AdAmy said...

I am glad that things seem to be better for Adam after his surgery. I can't wait to see the new nose. :) We really do need to get together sometime. Maybe when Don is completely recovered we can stop by on a Sunday after church and say hi.

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