Apostrophy Designs: Leaving Don for Donnie.

Leaving Don for Donnie.

I'm leaving Don...[who is having surgery on Friday]

To be with Donnie...[at his concert in Las Vegas]

I'm a terrible wife, I know...but thanks to Nan and Scott for all of their help!!


Amy said...


I can't believe that you are going. I have never in my life been more jealous of anything. Give Donny ALL my love.

p.s. good luck tomorrow don!!!!!!

katrina said...

All I can think about is Sadie singing, "Any dream will do." I don't know what kind of concert this is, but hopefully he'll sing some Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat for you.

The Pink Potpourri said...

have a great time! hope don's surgery goes well!

Shels said...

you are the luckiest gal-Donnie and warm weather? what a deal

AdAmy said...

Why did Don get surgery? I know that he has been sick, but what did they find out? I hope everything went well. I hope that Donnie's concert was all that you were hoping for and then some. :)

stout family said...

hope you had fun here in sin city! n& hope hubbies surgery went well!

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