Apostrophy Designs: Confession #3: Baby Widgets

Confession #3: Baby Widgets

Do you know what I find really creepy?

Baby Widgets... ahhahahahahhhhhaaaahhhh!


I was tempted at the beginning of my pregnancy to post one on my blog, you know because I want to fit in and all, but then I realized I am in no way shape or form a fan of Baby Widgets for the following reasons:

-They are in no way accurate, as I put the same info into all of these and they tell me different things.

-It is just a constant reminder of how much longer I have until I meet my baby...if only I could figure out if it's really only 159 days, 166 days
or 171 days? Who knows.

-Did you know there is a baby widget for breastfeeding? Enough said.

-Naked babies spinning around with umbilical cords not only make me dizzy, but the nakedness really creeps me out.

If you think I'm stupid, you probably already have a baby widget on your blog, or if you don't and would like to have one on your blog, please visit HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE.

Just keep in mind I may not visit your blog as often as you'd like...totally kidding thanks to Google Reader!!

[Pictures of Vegas still to come, as soon as I can get my hands on my camera cord.]


Amy said...

ahhhhhhhh!!!!! me too me too!!!! love this post tor.

Leslie said...

Short story on why I am not a fan of countdowns....

Shortly after Tyler left on his mission, I bought one of those countdown charts. I spent a good chunk of time coloring in the circles in color coded lines. When I got to where it was present time on the chart it said he had only been gone like 92 days. This shocked me because I thought for sure he'd be well into the triple digits by then. But noooo so I kind of threw a fit (Kelsi can vouch for that) because I had to wait so much longer than I thought I would have to-thanks to the chart. Needless to say I stopped filling the thing out and time went by much faster. Countdowns are like watching paint dry!

Anyways those computerized baby fetus' really creep me out too! Funny post!

AdAmy said...

I actually kinda like them. Not the nakedness and spinning around, but I always forget when exactly everyone is due so it is nice to get on blog's and be reminded, and to know how much longer until the wee one arrives. So please post one. ;)

Ashlee said...

I hate those things!!! The ones with the baby floating around totally creeps me out. Thats for not putting one on there. I have 15 blog friends that are having babys and everyone of them have some kind of tracker.

Noelle Jones said...

I am glad you found my blog! I am with you on those things that is why I don't have one! I don't like being reminded how much time I have left to keep getting fatter!

Jordan and Katrina Hansen said...

I agree...creepy! But, I think you should put one on your blog. The creepier the better.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for not adding a fetus countdown. I can now comfortably visit your blog. Is it sad that I make a conscious effort not to visit my friends blogs that have those because it completely grosses me out?

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