Apostrophy Designs: Adventures in [Over Night] Babysitting

Adventures in [Over Night] Babysitting


I babysat for my sister, Tami, this weekend while her husband rode in LoToJa.

I was really excited to babysits because I thought that this would be a good chance to really hone in on some mothering skills...

Step 1- Let them drink Root Beer.
Step 2- Don't let them nap, ever.
Step 3- Let them run like Wild Indians and get really dirty, so you can watch a baseball game.
Step 4- More Root Beer + Chicken Nuggets.
Step 5- Have a Splashin' Bath Time [ Sorry Bri ]

What did all these steps accomplish? A 9:00pm bed time and they slept until 8:00am...now these are my kind of kids!

Did I mention I am missing the sweet Mini Van I got to drive for a day??

Think it would be terribly weird of me to buy a Mini Van instead of the Mazda we've been eyein'?


Chelsie said...

If I knew where you lived I would seriously bring by some Root Beer. Which kind do you prefer? A&W, Mug, or Barq's? I enjoy my Root Beer with a little milk in it. It makes it taste like a Root Beer freeze.

Adrienne Hansen said...

You are too funny with the root beer! I love it!

AND, I totally think you should get a van. It would be so cool! Haha!

Nicole Anderson said...

First off, I LOVE the way you blog! And second, it's been forever since I've read your blog! CONGRATS on the pregnancy! I'm so thrilled for you! I'll have to keep reading more often! :)

MissLed said...

Those are some cute kiddos! It sounds to me like you've got this whole motherhood thing down. I can never get my nieces and nephews to go to bed after giving them sugar soda. You must be a natural.

TamiJenson said...

to bad you are only having 1 baby. you seem like such a natural with my two.. you are the best sister i love and appreciate you and your help.. i can't wait to help with donathan or donella!!! love ya tam

Audrey and Geoffery said...

Ha, ha! What happens at aunt Tori's house stays at Aunt Tori's house, right?! I think I'm aLLLmost sold on the minivan, it's just sooo convenient! But I don't think I could make myself buy one:)

Leslie said...

Oh those 2 little faces are so cute!
Cha cha sure did cling to you at the first bball game. You'll be a great mom!

AdAmy said...

I just caught up on your blog after my long absence. Congratulations on the bun in the oven! I am excited to find out the gender. You are gonna love being a mommy.

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