Apostrophy Designs: Jamakin' Me Happy

Jamakin' Me Happy


3 Things Jamacian' Me Happy::

1::A little girl who loves Tu-tu's enough to wear them to bed!

2::Holding a new born baby, little Avi, and visiting with an old friend [probably longer than I should've!]

3::A new tasty breakfast treat...lots better than a plain old granola bar!


TamiJenson said...

love my sis's bum up in the air. She loves the tu-tu I guess that is good. It shows she is truely a girly girl... love ya.

Adrienne Hansen said...

Tor-when I click on your apostrophe designs tag on here it takes me to someone else's blog. Just an fyi. :)

i'm kelly said...

i've been eyeing those bagelfuls... pretty tasty eh?

Kami said...

I loved the visit! It definitely wasn't too long...I was in need of some friends! :-)

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