Apostrophy Designs: The Same Old Song & Dance

The Same Old Song & Dance

I just want to echo my fellow Utahn's out there [minus people in St. George and other southern cities who stink and actually know what summer is by now], by saying what the HECK? It was 37 degrees on my way to work this morning, there is snow in the mountains and it's June 11.


In other news, I don't really have news but I had some pictures that I bloggified awhile ago and I thought I would share them. I babysat for my sister Tami and we had quite the party.


Before I put the twins to bed and I decided to let all 4 kiddos have a dance party while jumping on their parents bed. I even made the bed after, so not to alert the parents to any of the previous happenings. However one of the first things Landon told his mom when she got home was about the dance party. However she wasn't mad (she's a pretty fun mom herself), but our secret was OUT!

**Before anyone gets too angry at me 1) I did not participate in the jumping on the bed, 2) Both Landon and I stayed on our respective edges and did not let anyone fall off the bed, and 3) No one was hurt during the duration of dance party '08.


Amy said...

dance party '08 looks rockin'. you are such a fun aunt. you are LOVED!!!

Adrienne Hansen said...

so much fun! i bet those kiddos loved every minute of it!

TamiJenson said...

kole wanted to have dance party again the other night.. you are an awesome aunt we all love you...

i'm kelly said...

we love dance parties at our house too!

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