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Local Yocals

Your Heart Out

Today on Your Heart Out, my Birdie Pleated Tote was featured! I have loved this blog and was surprised when my sister-in-law told me I was featured.

Every Friday they feature local things that are made by Utahns and it's amazing to see all the talent that comes from Utah. If you are from Utah this blog is a good one to book mark, if you aren't from Utah go check them out anyway!


Poulsen Family said...

I just found you on your heart out and had to order a cute bag. Love your stuff. My sister was featured on your heart out a while back (Isabelle's umbrella) and I read them every now and then. I grew up in UT but live in AZ now. Glad I found you and I'm excited to get my bag!

Party of 5 said...

How exciting! I just told the TipJunkie that this was my fav bag. See I am not the only one.


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