Apostrophy Designs: Happy, Happy Birthday, Birthday To You...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Birthday To You...


Today is my Mother's 60th Birthday! I get a little teary when I think about how much my mom means to me and what my life would have been like without her. Her strength, courage and capacity to love unconditionally make me only wish to be the kind of mother she is to me.

We went shopping yesterday and she told me that I get my laid-back attitude from my Father, but my creative outlet, I get from her [Not that I couldn't imagine my dad sewing or anything]. Every memory I have of her growing up is behind a sewing machine, she made us everything from costumes to bridesmaid dresses, I even still have one of the Easter dresses she made me.

Even though she hasn't be able to sew the past few years, she crochets beautiful blankets and has made each daughter & daughter-in-law a baby blessing dress. She still has and uses her creative outlet.

Last night she got teary, I thought it was because we had all had the stomach flu this week, but she said "Tori, I don't to be 60..."

"I said don't worry mom, it will be our secret!"

Ooops! I love you Mom, Happy Birthday!

P.S. I would also like to give a shout out to my dad, Steve-o and the other men in my life who are great Men and good examples of great Fathers'. Also, to my Husband/Future Father Donnie [not announcing anything] he's so great with our neices and nephews and even patient with me that I know he'll make a good Dad one day!


Adrienne Hansen said...

I hope your mom has a great day! She deserves it! I also hope you all get better! Kneeling in front of a toilet isn't so fun! AND, I'm not sure about Don's fathering skills. He's come a long way though. Haha! :)

Tyler said...

Tori... are you pregnant?

Ashlee said...

I would let Donny watch my kids! They would have a blast. As for moms what would we do without them? My mom made everything too. I had never had a baughten dress tell after I got married. She even made my wedding dress. But better yet she used to make my underwear!! Pretty funny I know. They are cheep don't make your kids underwear it's not worth it.

Kami said...

I love your mom! Next time you see her give her a late happy birthday from me :-)

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